245.00 m2

Project: Residence (nominated for the Architecture Awards 2005)
Location: Pollonia, Milos
Year: 2003

The main feature of the site is the unobstructed view of the sea and the cedars that grow therein, whose position was recorded and considered during the study so as not to be damaged.
The purpose of the study was  the gentle integration of the building’s different blocks  on the sensitive landscape and the bioclimatic design of the house.
Thus, the building was designed in such a way as to be  "absorbed" by nature (part of the building is underground to reduce the visible volume) and has an orientation suitable to ensure shading throughout the daytime during the summer.
At the lower level the interior is connected to the semi-outdoor space through a three-door opening, a morphological loan from the buildings of the nearby prehistoric settlement of Phylakopi.
(The study was conducted in collaboration with I. Mallis)