Compatible conservation and restoration interventi

4000.00 m2

Project: Compatible conservation and restoration intervention in the sulfur mining and treatment plant in Paliorema, Milos (5th International Mining History Congress)
Location: Paliorema, Milos
Year: 2000

The existing Paliorema plant forms the last part of the sulfur mining and treatment history in Milos that has lasted many centuries since ancient times. The plant is situated at the inaccessible precipitous eastern coast of Milos island. The site is practically free from inhabiting or other human pressure. This fact, combined with the speciality of the both the building and the landscape, lead to the conservation of a particular atmosphere in the region.
The aim of the determination of compatible intervention led to the complete and detailed surveying of the architectural, structural and mechanical elements of the plant along with landscape surveying. Both the architectural and structural aspects of the plant were analyzed. An estimation of the damage was performed (weathering, cracking). This analysis aimed towards the full understanding and framing of the problem. Finally, various solutions of the conservation and restoration problem were examined from both architectural and structural view.